Bob Hicok

Bob Hicok is an associate professor of creative writing at Virginia Tech and of English at Purdue. His first book, The Legend of Light, was published by the University of Wisconsin Press and chosen as an ALA Booklist Notable Book of the Year. His books include Elegy Owed (2013) and Sex & Love & (2016), both from Copper Canyon Press.

  • The dream and Useless is as useless doesn’t

    For awhile I had a drawer full of electronic stuff,
  • Amsterdam

    Your shadow is born new
  • From the grab bag of desire

    I keep meaning to walk up to you,
  • Busy bees | Torture

    I like being around people who believe
  • Breakfast, the most important poem

    So far, pockets are good
  • A Place

    As a foreigner, I wasted a lot of energy