Kathy Lee Schultz

Poet-Scholar Kathy Lou Schultz is the author of The Afro-Modernist Epic and Literary History: Tolson, Hughes, Baraka (Palgrave), as well as four collections of poems, most recently Biting Midge: Works in Prose (Belladona) and Some Vague Wife (Atelos). Her poems are published in literary journals including New American Writing, Cleaver Magazine, OnandOnScreen, Fence Magazine, Hambone, Aspasiology, Electronic Poetry Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mirage #4/Period(ical), Fourteen Hills, and others. She is currently completing a scholarly study on uses of Dada and Surrealism in the Black Diaspora, and a poetry manuscript on post-partum depression and motherhood in the U.S. Her Web site is www.kathylous.com.

  • Kathy Lou Schultz: Teaching African-American Poetry in the Age of Trump

    Teaching African American Poetry in the Age of Trump   Poetry can’t change the world. The world where we witness…

    Issue #74 September 2017