Daniel Bosch

Bunch of Asparagus and Asparagus
October 13, 2013 Bosch Daniel

 Bunch of Asparagus and Asparagus

                Edouard Manet, oil on two canvases, 1880



Bundle on a wet bed

of greens or chives

on a marble table

in the kitchen of the Hotel



Sheaf bound by a seaweed thong,

Sebastian’s strategic arms, pinioned,

his interdigitated sins laced behind

with salt and mulch, manure and leaf clippings


Scrolls on new vellum or belted ammo—

blind, etiolate rounds from deep in the magazine


Ballistic missiles built to slake May Day, May Day,

asleep under olive drab mosquito nets,

solemn at anniversary parades, Kremlin onions

gleaming above each cortege and its oblate flatbeds,

chromium hydraulic lifts winking with each erection


SS-20s, SS-18s, multiple independently-targetable

reentry vehicles, Titans, Minutemen, Peacekeepers

on eighteen-wheeled caissons, diesel engines snoring,

redundant tires churning redundant grit:

Nevada, Utah, Kamchatka


Perfect answers, mutually arrived at

in the comfort of question-deep silos,

dandled by spread eagles’ talons









Flaccid love note, dead toenail,

warhead in winter camo


A wet bed, and we cannot abide

the scent of our own urine

Daniel Bosch teaches writing and literature at Emory University in Atlanta. This spring he will offer a course in the history of the line of verse in English, 700-1700-1700.