Issue #28 October 2013

  • Bunch of Asparagus and Asparagus

    Bundle on a wet bed
  • Idea for a Screenplay *

    A man sits on his porch and reads aloud to the yard, to some plants and to some birds, his feelings of paranoia, anger
  • Hail to Thee,

    I write, my wrist nodding
  • I Dreamed of Obama on the Night of His First Election

    He stirred the coals of my dwindling campfire. We were alone. Blue tendrils of smoke punctuated the Mesozoic haze
  • The Killing

    While Abraham binds his son’s hands,
  • Anti-Fundamentalist

    I remember that
  • Pathetic Fallacy

    Jog through this suburb at a blue hour
  • Myth

    The blind hobo who returned
  • Wooden Boards

    My father carefully rolls his pant leg up, places his leg between two wide boards. He tells my mother to jump hard on
  • Stairway

    In those days, so many stairways were said to lead to happiness, mainly of a sexual kind—and as I climbed those
  • Ode to the Google Maps Man

    Gold-suited spaceman, terranaut,
  • Why I Haven’t “Outgrown Surrealism,” No Matter What That Moron Reviewer Wrote

    I still love the sound of breaking,
  • Molly Lou Freeman: New Poems and Reflections from Shelter

    By way of introduction to this month’s collaborative “Featured Selection,” per usual first a brief introductory essay by the poet,…

    Featured Selection