Dzvinia Orlowsky

Orlowsky Dzvinia

Four Way Books founding editor, Pushcart Prize winner, and a co- recipient with Jeff Friedman of an NEA grant for translation, Dzvinia Orlowsky has authored six poetry collections published by Carnegie Mellon University Press. Her newest from CMUP, Bad Harvest, is forthcoming in October 2018.

  • The Village Crow

    The village crow knew everything—
  • Given Plums

    Early July my sister and I filled two sacks of plums from our orchard. We shook each tree until the ripest orbs fell
  • Let the Dead Bury the Dead

    Surely she would want to hear one final song, something from the Carpathians, something folkloric about flying
  • Why I Hate Nudist Camps

    Wayne had already flung off his t-shirt, pulled off his black Khakis to set up our tent—I can work faster if I'm naked
  • Stone Cross

    Remember your village of always uphill,
  • The Fortieth Day | Pussy Riot/Want/Don’t/Want

    Now she called forth nights of a different kind of brilliance when the moon wrapped every thing with light—
  • Bad Harvest

    Does my name take your tongue’s
  • Mnemonic

    Leaves in the eaves
  • Wooden Boards

    My father carefully rolls his pant leg up, places his leg between two wide boards. He tells my mother to jump hard on
  • Firing My Father’s Mossberg

    At the shooting range,