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    At last it's just me and the alphabet.
  • Jim Daniels interviewed by Amanda Newell

    Jim Daniels Interviewed by Amanda Newell   I was delighted to speak with Jim Daniels for this month’s issue about…

  • Poet’s Speak

    Peter Cooley on ‘Interrogations Update’ and ‘Mythos’: “Interrogations Update” and “Mythos” represent two vastly different approaches to writing about my…

  • Dawn Without Sun & Mist Gently Smothers Sight

    Dawn without sun
  • Synecdoche, New York

    When you meet
  • The Maker

    The maker never uses thread
  • Interrogations Update & Mythos

    When will I see you again? I’ve asked the priests.
  • The Dead, At Home,

    snag on brush and low cactus.
  • The Occupant Imagines the House as a Great Fish

    It has already swallowed a century, each year a silver iridescent scale.  For eight, she has lived in its belly,
  • Masque

    Lamplight blue cushions
  • Testimony of an Armless Man

    I lost my arms in a farming accident, but later found I’d grown phantom limbs. There were many things I

    Would it be cheating
  • Carry and Quotidien

    Steak dinners are the worst /you prefer the fatty cut / those white-ribboned slabs from Save-A-Lot
  • Report of the Chief Astronomer

    Upon the survey of the northwest angle of the Boundary Lake of the Woods to