Maya Sarishvili

Don’t Pick the Cherries Yet
August 15, 2011 Sarishvili Maya

Don’t Pick the Cherries Yet


“Don’t pick the cherries yet—

don’t taste a new life.

First, dip your chest in fire.

First, injure your aorta.”

First, put together

fragmented sounds of telephones and steps

and pull this connected red line

over the empty room

as if over the mistake.

My mother has lived

seven years under the earth.

I love her simple palace.

Sometimes I send down colorful balls of thread to her,

and mother knits lush water

for my covered wells…




Translator: Nene Giorgadz,was born in Georgia and holds an MA in Georgian Literature from Ilia University, in Tiblisi.

Translator: Timothy Kercher lives in Kyiv, Ukraine; his  manuscript “Nobody’s Odyssey” was recently selected as a finalist for the John Ciardi Prize for Poetry, and his translation of Besik Kharanauli’s long poem, “The Lame Doll,” will be published in the Republic of Georgia early next year.

Maya Sarishvili was born in 1968 in Tbilisi. She is a poet and a primary school teacher. Her poetry collections include Covering Evident (2001), Microscope (2007). She won the Saba award for best poetry collection in 2008. She has also written radio plays for children: Three Buckets of Snow, A Very Bad Man, A Family of Ladybirds and A Cat Again in Rain. A selection of her poems in English translation can be found at Poetry International.