Issue #2 August 2011

  • Rembrandt, Self-Portrait, Age 51

    Rembrandt, I aspire to your self-portraits
  • Another Argument with Jim About the Soul

    You say I’d know it exists if
  • Don’t Bum Out the Musicians

    At St. Paul’s church, the musicians have heard it all.
  • A Date With an Undertaker

    He liked to bathe, dress,
  • Soup Teachers

    we called them, the women who stood behind
  • A Fable: The Floss-Silk Tree and the Philodendron

    In Brazil they call the floss-silk  palo borracho
  • Late in October

    Late in October, I watch
  • It’s Not Just Trains

    The ticket office was closing
  • Pitty-Pat

    Oleander to the death of horses
  • Don’t Pick the Cherries Yet

    Don’t pick the cherries yet—
  • Widow

    You cannot consider yourself a widow just because the full moon has gone
  • Leave It Lay Where Jesus Flung It

    What a colossal wrong fall she took—that mastodon caught