Sherri Felt Dratfield

August 24, 2021 Felt Dratfield Sherri



Telemann at 7:30 on an evening
that night has not yet touched,
nearly summer solstice.
He plays; I listen.
His companion is less than half our age,
ponytail not out-of-place,
the soft brush of mascara,
unnecessary but not out-of-place.
Her fingers fleet, a wisp
of brunette tucked behind her ear.
An angelic face, not contorted by playing,
her lips hardly purse.
They chat about tempi,
take it again from a few measures back.
I was brunette, slender,
never played flute.
The terrier chews her bully stick louder
than I would have hoped,
but quieter than barking,
excitement subdued.
Then Bach, fast and high.
They alternate first part, discuss staccato 16th notes;
he says the F sharp should be
F natural. She agrees.
I am carried to where the notes,
entwined, climbing then descending mountains,
take me. I accept, am grateful for,
this musician mistress.
A friend, recuperating,
reclining on the couch,
taps his feet, nods his head, eyes closed.
The Kuhlau may be his favorite.
My favorite, in the slowly diminishing light,
is the skyline lights. Each flickers on like a note on our City’s scale.
A duet starts: the just-awakened Empire State Building (red, unabashed)
answers the call of a cool-white Met Life.

Sherri Felt Dratfield graduated from Goucher College and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. She received an M.F.A. in Acting from the University of Denver and holds a J.D., with election to Order of the Coif, from New York University School of Law. Sherri’s third collection of poetry, Millie Collins, Your Barn is Gone, was published recently (February 2021) by Cervena Barva Press.  Sherri’s two previous collections of poetry, The City (Finishing Line Press, 2013) and Water Vigils (Finishing Line Press, 2014) were both nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her poems have appeared in various journals and anthologies and have been awarded recognition in the Margaret Reid Contest for Traditional Verse, Jewish Currents’ Raines Poetry Competition and the Passager Poetry Contest. Sherri lives in the West Village of Manhattan with her