Lynnell Edwards

Security: A Q & A
August 24, 2021 Edwards Lynnell

Security: A Q & A


What was your favorite part-time job? What do you
do to relax?  What was the first musical
instrument you learned to play?
Everybody learned recorder in fourth grade.
What is the first name of one of your bridesmaids?
That’s getting a little personal, I think
and oddly specific.  I had four bridesmaids –
how do I choose? I have some security


questions myself, like: Am I in danger
here and how fast is the storm coming and
do we need to shelter in place?  And what of
the contagion and if I show symptoms:
Is it too late?  What of locks and bolts and shutters and bars?

Security Question #1: Have you established a successor?
Security Question #2: Are there enough PFDs on board for every passenger?
Security Question #3: Dried and canned is best for the long haul.
That’s not really a question.  And I still
have a lot of questions.
Answer please: what was the name of your first pet?
Question: What are matches, potable water, reflection blankets, tinned

Answer please: What is the name of the city where your parents met?
They weren’t always happy, though it looked that way. And then
the marriage dissolved.  We were
all okay in the end.

Answer please: What was the make of your first car?
What if I forget the code?
The alarm will go off at the server and security will come.
Will they have guns?
Will you? After three attempts you will be locked out.
That sounds bad. What if
I can’t remember?
Why didn’t you write it down?

Lynnell Edwards is the author of three full length collections from Red Hen Press, and two chapbooks, most recently This Great Green Valley (Broadstone Books, 2020. She teaches in the Spalding MFA program in Louisville, KY and is Book Reviews Editor for their online journal, Good River Review