Devin Johnston

Hunger Abstract
January 28, 2016 Johnston Devin

Hunger Abstract


A black cat
in search of breakfast

flowed along the path
beneath our window

and by its mute current
woke the mews

from dreams of tearing meat
to irritable molt

a peregrine
aloof and ill-at-ease

singing a soft cack-cack
through wire mesh

restless to row
through a sea of thermals

with the tilting world
reduced to low relief

scars and wrinkles
on a living surface

two thousand feet
two thousand feet below

which raises a problem
the problem of hunger

how vast the empty space
you wish to measure

Devin Johnston is the author of four books of poetry, including Far-Fetched (FSG, 2015). He works for Flood Editions, a nonprofit publishing house, and teaches at Saint Louis University.