Issue #55 February 2016

  • Greta Stoddart: Alive Alive O

    Greta Stoddart’s third poetry collection, Alive Alive O, takes its epigraph from the final verse of the famous Irish folk…

    Book Review
  • Song a Year After My Mother’s Death

    I allowed a small song
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 55 – February: A cold snap here in Florida as I write – 42…

    Editors Note

    You are under the impression that my poems
  • The Day

    Day I didn’t blink and the day was gone.
  • Winkles & Dillisk

    Does he suspect the boys
  • Two Poems | Kelli Russell Agodon

    When you say no worries what you mean is,
  • Poem to Circe IV

    Ancient bronzes, we reached the sea.
  • Elephant Memory

    A cold sunny morning in Cambridge. Pragmatical
  • Emmanuel Moses A Mutual Rêverie

      NM:  Good Morning Emmanuel.  Your beautiful poems have emboldened me to suggest that we transcend this sensually impoverished cyberspace…

    Featured Selection
  • Hunger Abstract

    A black cat
  • The Movie My Murderer Makes

    My murderer sits in row F, seat 3, just behind my wife and me, in row E, seats 3 and 4.
  • City Harbor

    How often we come to a headland and a city opens,
  • Ode to Roadside Shrines

    I first see you in Crete, little boxes on four skinny legs,
  • Houses

    Under the cold light of the chintzy white crown chandelier, I’d lean one upright card again