Drew Milne

Lichen Prospectus
June 12, 2014 Milne Drew

Lichen Prospectus


Specimen leaves sung down for pages

in the desert of the analogy longed

for as only a condition of elephant

paper similes with the microcosm of

the hot press amidst the temples of

the spirit going down down the mute

how botanical plates scan the vying

even as Nature itself copper plates

or adds a florist and public bodies

subscribers as yet deficient tuning

toward a delicacy of the engravings

the deception so now complete shews

such heights the bold lichen became

that as whole money Plato and Tesco

roll into a genera called scripture

of the root radical in which office

in print the highest style executes

and embellishments slew into papers

the money lyrics illustrating fatal

attraction as wild promissory notes

go mock prospectus in minor mood to

palpable debt as no still explosion

it is at best whispers in symbiosis

growth rates in a month of moondays

whose litmus does landskip and dyes

Drew Milne‘s collected poems, ‘In Darkest Capital’ were published by Carcanet in 2017. Recent poems have appeared in Lana Turner Review, Chicago Review, Poetry London, PNReview, Angelaki, Blackbox Manifold, and Visual Verse. He is the Judith E Wilson Lecturer in Drama & Poetry, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.