Kate Monaghan

Major Brands…
October 24, 2021 Monaghan Kate

“Major brands try to determine if cotton in their clothes is from Uighur forced labor in China”

(NBC News, September 2020)


Cloth covers a woman’s face so we
don’t see what the wind extracts in the fields.
She is designed to be infinite, as in:
our opposite. A routine of imagery
threaded through incarceration
and then redacted.
Her movements build thrill
into cotton. The treble bounce of her lives
crowding away from the window.
We feel her devotion: it is a dark river.
The sum of her muscles churning
into our garments. She sews them up
empty. The harvest. Our assurance
these products won’t be unmade.

Kate Monaghan lives in New York and Oaxaca. She holds a PhD in classical Chinese literature and her writing has appeared in American Poetry Review, Colorado Review, Yale Review, and elsewhere.