Soren Stockman

No Heaven for the King
July 27, 2018 Soren Stockman

No Heaven for the King


Always in the faintest glow of pleasure, and always

at its whim, you take what you can, and love it.

As does the king. The rest of it bellows, a dark you fear

but can’t take. You’re home, you’ve always been here.

As has the king. You know taking small pleasures

means gazing at greater ones until you think they too

are with you. So gazes the king. In heaven, confronted

by all pleasures, the excess of light brought gently,

you at first grieve the faint glow as you would any

companion, even immersed in further pleasures you

hadn’t imagined, but heaven is your many loves laughing

among them. And the king, whose only companion

has been all he’s never missed, affirms every pleasure,

and realizes there is no other heaven.

Soren Stockman’s poems are forthcoming in Michigan Quarterly Review, Bennington Review, and Narrative, and have appeared recently in The Iowa Review, the PEN Poetry Series, The Literary Review, Tin House Online, Tupelo Quarterly, Southword Journal, BOAAT, Bellevue Literary Review, and Horsethief, among othersAwarded First Place in the Narrative 30 Below Contest, he is the recipient of fellowships from New York University, the Ucross Foundation, the New York State Summer Writers Institute, and the Lacawac Artists’ Residency. Stockman works at the NYU Creative Writing Program, and as Curator for Springhouse Journal.