David Trinidad

Queen of the Lot
June 22, 2023 Trinidad David

Queen of the Lot


When was the last time I watched The Letter—early ’40s film noir melodrama starring Miss Bette Davis?  She shoots her lover, is acquitted, then gets stabbed to death at the end by her dead lover’s wife—played by the great Gale Sondergaard, who, as I recall, doesn’t say a word.  A seething silent performance.  Clouds moving across the full moon, moonlight filtering through slatted blinds—indelible black-and-white images, old Hollywood magic.  When was the last time I read poems by John Wieners, who so often evokes the movie queens of yesteryear?  Why, just this morning!


December 1, 2021

David Trinidad’s books of poetry include Digging to Wonderland: Memory Pieces (2022), Notes on a Past Life (2016), Peyton Place: A Haiku Soap Opera (2013), and Dear Prudence: New and Selected Poems (2011).  He is also the editor of A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos (2011) and Punk Rock Is Cool for the End of the World: Poems and Notebooks of Ed Smith (2019).  Trinidad lives in Chicago, where he is a Professor of English and Creative Writing at Columbia College.