Davis McCombs

Road Trip
April 24, 2016 McCombs Davis

Road Trip


Over the singed and brittle roadside stalks,

over cotton, corn and stubble,

our car’s dark bug-shape slithers.


Over the metal drainpipe, over the oil rig,

and the burned field where a windmill

cranks its pinch of rust, we are


a hurried sweep of shadow, a sleek chromatic

gleam the cold sun follows

with its blue-orange dot of concentration.


We scurry like a flea across the hide of something

both immense and underfed,

a creature from the mind’s culvert,


an animal concocted out of barbed-wire ribs

and cockleburs, the grass its rippling fur

through which our small wake passes like a shiver.

Davis McCombs is the author of two volumes of poetry, Ultima Thule (Yale 2000) and Dismal Rock (Tupelo 2007). He directs the Program in Creative Writing and Translation at the University of Arkansas.