Katherine Soniat

Strange     that Penelope
March 24, 2022 Soniat Katherine

Strange     that Penelope


does not question or pray in a selfish manner
Nor is she a narcissist with fanciful selves
startling from her mirror
But at times (not known to many) Telemachus watches
her levitate at sundown          for she too is out looking
He searches through her eyes until they form a long line
of clouds                       Never completed
(Maybe you she too would asked for more from life
had she known more about speaking)
Say    in the middle of one half-truth another comes bottoms-up
from a Bog of Ink that throws up broken phrases
but never finishes a sentence
dopey kid you alone did not cause the split in your parents
It’s a dilemma arriving way before you were born
Can anyone stop yes     from shifting       full-force into
Pithy little essay (this one)                  Action rarely swoops in
from a wilderness of choices
Elemental puzzles of fire
earth   and wind over water add profundity to puddles
of human ignorance
That curving number eight counted too in my murky ball
as a child   Closed track of infinity   Over and over
the same route      No better way to learn than with friends
and enemies who swap places                 but can’t change

Katherine Soniat’s eighth collection of poems—Polishing rhe Glass Storm—will be published by LSU Press in fall, 2022. In spring, 2023 her ninth book comes out from Etruscan Press (Starfish Wash-up) in its Tribus Series. Bright Stranger was published in 2016 by LSU Press Press. The Goodbye Animals was awarded the 2014 Turtle Island Chapbook Award. A Shared Life won the Iowa Poetry Prize and The Swing Girl (LSU Press) was selected as Best Collection of 2011 by the North Carolina Poetry Council. Poems have appeared in the Denver Quarterly, Women’s Review of Books, Iowa Review, Poetry, Superstition Review, and The Nation, among others.