Fady Joudah

December 16, 2019 Fady Joudah

Relapse my maze
without architect to the promise
of errands that hold up a life; your face
against a partition your arms are up against;
forehead or occiput or cheek;
right cheek or left, which twist of neck
receives a pillow, which turn
of waist, flexion of hip: in that
the summer was anti-restive;
an oriented rupture
without peak or trough
is a dream of peace
between warring flanks
that uncode only themselves;
the medicine available
is less toxic than the past;
a biotic triumph so targeted,
a monoclonal seed: old
question all your answers are old;
to wash my eyes with a naked digital,
veil ether underground; I’m asking
for the backside of the moon.

Fady Joudah’s most recent poetry collection is Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance (Milkweed Editions, 2018).