Issue #101 January 2020

Chris McGraw
from the series “Sunburn”
  • Four a.m. and 40 Years Later

    Driving into my old city yesterday
  • Reading and Writing Outside Thebes: In Praise of Syntax by Kimberly Johnson

    In 1939, at the queasy outset of the second World War, W. B. Yeats’s last published works appeared 
    Essays and Comment
  • On Poetry and the Necessity of Aimless Wandering: An interview with Alan Shapiro by Amanda Newell

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Alan Shapiro for this month’s feature, and we talked about everything from the prose…

    Featured Selection
  • Bakken, Kallet, Weaver, et. al.

    Christopher Bakken on “Goat Theology”   In the past few years, I’ve divided my summers between the islands of Crete…

    Editors Note
  • Chelsea Wagenaar reviews “View from Truth North” by Sara Henning

    In her wonderful little essay “The Bathroom,” Zadie Smith writes,
    Book Review
  • Soft Song

    Nothing about you is soft,
  • The Age of the Onion

    The onion is a Book of Revelations, diced to proverb-size.
  • Throughway and Passage

    Faces, facing one another on the bus.
  • In a Field, at Sunset

    When he asked if I still loved him, I didn’t answer
  • The Clacklet

    Buttons taken from a sewing box
  • Sunflower

    Relapse my maze

    He was always unhappy—
  • Dark Enough

    I found her long black coat
  • December, First Frost

    A small green house sits beside the highway, darkening in maple shade.
  • Goat Theology

    Those who deny everything, yet want,
  • My Girl

    I was shopping for a castle.
  • Night Rising

    Silence falls in tiny waves, women shutting