Hoa Nguyen

April 8, 2014 Nguyen Hoa


from A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure


Sweetness of fish sauce and tonal voice

My mother with slippers     I crawl

singing towards the floor



the tones later

my boy hugs shoulders

asks    Are you OK?


The vocals from bending

the voice is another

comes from the bending


Rice & fish are like

mother & child


A river road under a big moon

crawling and singing

I did this need    hold me being

in exile   no milk warm


Another said     By the grace

go I     (could have been

a Nestlé casualty

or creamed corn dysentery


Musical references all over the place


Lotus women gather flowers

in their low boats


In the passport picture

me amoebic with a shaved head

thin shoulders


Which is the fish?

The child?


a bamboo tube resonator

a wooden rod

halved coconut shell half

a silk string

Hoa Nguyen  is the author of three full-length collections of poetry including As Long As Trees LastHecate Lochia (Hot Whiskey Press, 2009) and Your Ancient See Through (Subpress, 2002). Red Juice, Poems 1998-2008 is forthcoming from Wave Books in the fall of 2014. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, where she curates a reading series and teaches poetics privately and at Ryerson University.