Issue #34 April 2014

  • Reality Check

    The orgasm likes the dusk best, the time of day
  • Notes Toward a Treatise on the Atlantic Periwinkle

    None knows the song devoted to winkles.
  • The Beginner

    Doesn’t have a clue, sips whiskey in a train
  • What We Work At | Look to the Side

    What we work at
  • I’m a Witch!

    It is standard for women
  • Toshno

    Marina is trying to describe Raskolnikov’s interior state
  • Genital Epistemology

    don’t it make you snicker how desire goes
  • Survival Rate | 1st Love

    When at customs I don’t declare
  • Apologetics

    A host of angels or a compass of cherubim
  • Sweetness

    Sweetness of fish sauce and tonal voice
  • No use

    On October 21, 1962, Sylvia Plath wrote one poem that became two.
  • Two Dogs Passing Through the Yard | Practice

    One’s a male Aussie mix,
  • Hank Lazer: “TALK SHOW: A Conversation between Glenn Mott and Hank Lazer”

      The poet with Andrew Raffo Dewar on soprano saxophone, rehearsing at Maxwell Hall, University of Alabama, November 2013 “TALK…

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