Chase Twichell

Two Dogs Passing Through the Yard | Practice
April 8, 2014 Twichell Chase

Two Dogs Passing Through the Yard


One’s a male Aussie mix,

either young or small, the other

a rangy lab-something, female,

the junior dog, both headed north

through the yard.


Our Border/Aussie

watches from beneath the truck,

paws crossed.


That’s it.





A teacher asked a student if she could

accept practice without realization.

It’s a very direct question,

but hard to apprehend.


It’s maddening that language can’t catch

the fish in its own rivers, but it can’t.

Even poetry’s nothing

but word-nets full of rips and holes.


Yet here I am again, writing with white

on white or washing dirty carrots with the hose.

Either I forgot the question,

or the question no longer makes sense.

Chase Twichell’s  new book, Things as  It Is, is  forthcoming  from Copper Canyon in fall 2018. She lives in upstate NY and teaches in the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.