Chase Twichell

A Wedding in the Hotel
July 11, 2012 Twichell Chase

A Wedding in the Hotel


Sorry, the dining room’s closed:

private occasion. Across the street

a neon squid hoists a tray of drinks,

beckons with another of his tentacles

and I enter the kind of restaurant

that decimates the seas, offering ten kinds

of oyster, every fish, crab, lobster,

octopus, sea urchin, clam . . .


The sky is still faintly light when I leave,

the bowl of mints at the register half-empty,

see-through husks of wrappers

on the tiles. I hear the wedding bass

dumbing-dumbing back at the hotel,

even under the loud wind of traffic.

Above me, two planes nearly collide!

Oh no, it’s just stars. No, a star and a plane.

Why does this make me sad?

It’s the ancient pang, a blue-black sigh

from the time of first love,

not loneliness, but the knowledge

that the star and the plane will never touch,

each one a diamond flung into an ocean,

forevermore unseen except by inhuman eyes.

Chase Twichell’s  new book, Things as  It Is, is  forthcoming  from Copper Canyon in fall 2018. She lives in upstate NY and teaches in the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.