Issue #13 July 2012

  • The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

    We are as flies in a pitcher plant,
  • What is Pleasure

    The supreme pleasure of love
  • What God Says | Creek

    What you don’t know is that when you lay
  • The Living and the Dead | Arrest Warrant

    I already came here several times this year, aside from the pilgrimage
  • Halfway Through Civilization, Late to Another

    meeting for grown-ups, i hurry across campus,
  • The Recognizable |  Poem Beginning with a Line by C. Dale Young

    Like when an irresistible force
  • Birds There is No Moon

    Birds there is no moon
  • Wraith

    I never walk past that gate I don’t recall a rifle butt, two sharp yelps,
  • On Thumbing Through Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation

    And what of the bird-headed dwarfs
  • No Nonsense | The Layout

    Split off for a sec
  • A Wedding in the Hotel

    Sorry, the dining room’s closed:
  • Serial

    I figure four times, you make it five