Chase Twichell

Burning Leaves
November 29, 2015 Twichell Chase

Burning Leaves


Leaf-fires smell like
saddle soap, manure, fresh hay.

Leaf-burning’s illegal now,
but I remember fathers
letting kids tend the weak,
feathery fires in the street.
I rode my bike through
the ash piles to school.

On my fast horse
I rode everywhere.

One of the men at the stable
liked little girls,
the little, little ones
astride the pony’s
knobby spine. Imagine
him passing freely among us,
feeding us sugar cubes, aroused
by our anuses and not-yet-cunts.

Chase Twichell’s  new book, Things as  It Is, is  forthcoming  from Copper Canyon in fall 2018. She lives in upstate NY and teaches in the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.