Issue #53 December 2015

  • Posthumous Cabin

    And got away to it, and left the work to others
  • LOVE HAS BIG TEETH | Route 140, Sixty Miles North of Winnemucca

    You, in New Hampshire,
  • Editor’s Note

    Readers: Welcome to Plume Issue # 53 –   December: Yes, and of course: Paris. Where when I first stepped…

    Editors Note
  • Transport | Gdańsk

    Today, a simple bowl of onion soup
  • What, Me?

    When we’re in a car together I worry we’ll die and the world will lose its role models.
  • Once We Were

    once we were immigrants

    Mournful Sunday afternoons in winter,
  • Christopher Buckley: The Half-life of Revolution—Particle Physics, History, Baseball and Baby-Boomers.

        NM:    Chris, I can’t tell you what a kick of pleasure, as well as a kick in the…

    Featured Selection
  • The Fortieth Day | Pussy Riot/Want/Don’t/Want

    Now she called forth nights of a different kind of brilliance when the moon wrapped every thing with light—
  • The Names

    My student Natasha, who is Greek but is now living in Turkey,
  • Letter From The Capital

    She writes: now we have wars between historical eras. We fight in time as well as space. 1914 vs. 1939 is a devastating
  • Burning Leaves

    Leaf-fires smell like
  • Innocence

    The birds she could identify—nuthatch, oriole—
  • My Name in Sticks

    From the shallow sledding hill I gathered up