Poems translated by Martha Kosir

Martha Kosir earned her Ph.D. in Spanish literature from Vanderbilt University.  She translates poetry from English into Spanish and from Slovenian into English and Spanish. She has also translated poetry from German into English and Spanish. Her translations have been published in Sirena: Poetry, Art and Criticism; Contemporary Slovenian Poetry; The International Poetry Review; The Drunken Boat; Solstice; Source, and SlavFile. She has likewise completed translations into English and Spanish of several poetry collections by the Slovenian-Bosnian poet Josip Osti. She works as a Professor of Spanish at Gannon University.

  • Two poems by Katja Gorečan (from The Sufferings of Young Hana /Trpljenje mlade Hane) translated from Slovenian by Martha Kosir

    hana likes to sit on the balcony when it rains.