Poems translated by Hoyt Rogers

Hoyt Rogers divides his time between the Dominican Republic and Italy. His poems, stories, and essays, as well as his translations from the French, German, and Spanish, have appeared in a wide variety of periodicals. He has published over a dozen books, which include his own poetry and criticism as well as editions and translations. His most recent translation from the French, Second Simplicity—a collection of verse and prose by Yves Bonnefoy—was published by the Yale University Press in January 2012. With Paul Auster, he is currently preparing Openwork, an anthology of André du Bouchet.

  • Dawn Without Sun & Mist Gently Smothers Sight

    Dawn without sun
  • Two Stages

    The traveler was certainly sleep-logged when he slipped away from his hotel at sunrise
  • Painting

    all things look as if
  • A God | A Poet | “Facesti come quei che va di notte…” | The Mocking of Ceres

    Here lies a god who was obtuse, just like us.