Poems translated by Adam J. Sorkin

Adam J. Sorkin’s recent co-translations include in 2020, A Spider’s History of Love by Mircea Cărtărescu (New Meridian Arts); Lavinia and Her Daughters by Ioana Ieronim (Červená Barva Press); and The God’s Orbit by Aura Christi (Mica Press, UK). He is primary translator of Carmen Firan and Adrian Sângeorzan’s book of poems, Quarantine Songs (New Meridian Arts, 2021). Sorkin’s joint version of Marin Sorescu’s final play, Cousin Shakespeare (Editura Hoffman, Caracal, Romania), was recently launched at the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre in Craiova, Romania. Scridon and Sorkin are currently finalizing their collaborative translation of Ioan Flora’s Luncheon Under the Grass.

  • The Just Measure and Eels

    I stay here on the balcony after the rain, peering at the sky of a rocky landscape,