G.C. Waldrep

the primate hospital
October 25, 2018 Waldrep G.C.

the primate hospital


I have raptured the oars.

You may leave

the dull scythe

on its splintered snath


to some other

gospel, resurrection.


The vein spun from

patience’s distal cavity





When you return

from the war,



post this:  to FAILURE,


whose gleam

the angels recognize.



is your birth, a muscle


the sea

mixes with distance.

G.C. Waldrep’s most recent books are feast gently (Tupelo, 2018), winner of the William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America, and The Earliest Witnesses (Tupelo/Carcanet, 2021).  Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Poetry, Paris Review, New England Review, Yale Review, Colorado Review, The Nation, New American Writing, Conjunctions, and other journals.  Waldrep lives in Lewisburg, Pa., where he teaches at Bucknell University and edits the journal West Branch.