Issue #87 November 2018

Jacob Aue Sobol, from the series Arrivals and Departures, 2000-2017.

  • I Remember Nightfall: Marosa Di Giorgio, reviewed by Johannes Göransson

    Until recently, the great Uruguayan poet Marosa Di Giorgio (1932-2000) was largely untranslated.
    Book Review
  • That Which is Difficult: Poetry at West Point – Matt Salyer

    I was sitting on a corniche near the Tigris River watching kingfishers trip and scamper
    Essays and Comment
  • Gregerson, Jacob, Callihan, et. al.

    Linda Gregerson on “The Wayfarer” If one were to open the wooden panels on which this painting appears, one would…

    Editors Note
  • Frannie Lindsay

      Frannie Lindsay’s fifth volume, If Mercy, was released by The Word Works in 2016. Her work appears in Best…

    Featured Selection
  • Snow, an essay and The Day After the Day Without a Yesterday

    Or, the winter I kept being turned into a pillar of salt.
  • the primate hospital

    I have raptured the oars.
  • The Wayfarer

    When the wings of the triptych are open as
  • No Touch and Elder in a Garden

    I'm fed up with farewells.
  • Canine Elegy

    All over town, dogs are lying down
  • Pensé Que Estabas Muerto

    but your deaths existed the nights you didn’t come home.

    And the light would tattoo itself across her mouth
  • Mouth & Nomadic Reverie

    Molar: a grinding tooth at the back of a mammal’s mouth.

    And I follow the hand copying what it had written years ago
  • All the Shrimp I Can Eat

    They are swimming away from me at the speed of light
  • Cooking in Ashes

    The smile is missing; no joy around the eyes.
  • Others & Kents

    They stopped the car on the crest of Coleman Valley Road to show his sister and her husband the Pacific view.