Cynthia Cruz

Mouth & Nomadic Reverie
October 24, 2018 Cruz Cynthia


Molar: a grinding tooth at the back of a mammals mouth.

Paper cut-out angels made with paper

and baby-lock scissors.

There is a word for this. A place.

Untamed.  Feral, seething

white teeth, animal.



At the body’s sweet between.

The bubble of cell connectors—
the border
at which they fissure.
This is before then.
Chihuahua, before
the great cancering moth
I am following back

into the veils of film and gleams

of nethering white memory.

Cynthia Cruz is the author of seven collection of poems. Back to the Woods, her eighth, is forthcoming in 2023 as is a novella, Steady Diet of Nothing. Disquieting: Essays on Silence, a collection of critical essays exploring the concept of silence as a form of resistance, was published by Book*hug in 2019 and The Melancholia of Class: A Manifesto for the Working Class, an examination of Freudian melancholia and the working class, was published by Repeater Books in 2021.