Cynthia Cruz

Charcoal | Medicine and Magazines
September 11, 2014 Cruz Cynthia



In my brown leather bag:

some underwear and a white feather

I found along the pavement

on Sunset in Silverlake

when I was eleven. Sweet

Marianne playing

on the black plastic radio

in the tremendous muck and doom.

On the train to Versailles:

three girls from Basque

and the one

painting her short boy-like nails black.



Medicine and Magazines


Glitter of leaves near the gutter

at the Museum of Natural Tragedy.


Succulents, bougainvillea, the toilet

of our history.


California salve: the plum

like hum of death’s white music.

Cynthia Cruz is the author of seven collection of poems. Back to the Woods, her eighth, is forthcoming in 2023 as is a novella, Steady Diet of Nothing. Disquieting: Essays on Silence, a collection of critical essays exploring the concept of silence as a form of resistance, was published by Book*hug in 2019 and The Melancholia of Class: A Manifesto for the Working Class, an examination of Freudian melancholia and the working class, was published by Repeater Books in 2021.