Issue #39 September 2014

  • Uncle Yehuda Sharvit Between Marrakesh and Draa

    When my uncle Yehuda got drunk
  • Back to Brooklyn Bridge | Second Skin

    tears are intuition
  • Charcoal | Medicine and Magazines

    In my brown leather bag:
  • Riddle

    The chair is not far from the bed
  • Half of Life

    The land with yellow pears
  • On the Beach at Divi Bay, St. Martin

    Was melancholy yesterday, watching slate-grey clouds
  • On Friendship, Haiku, Lust, and Blame

    Eye of hurricane,
  • Untitled | Matinee 

    To dream a world on a hunk of shade,
  • Who Pays

    Lord I have eaten and I don’t
  • The Last Widow | The Last Mirror

    The last widow misses men. The last widow misses her husband
  • Pick Me Up

    the words love you, friend
  • Thomas Hardy in the Dorset County Museum

    Turned sideways in a desk chair,
  • Jim Daniels: On Collaboration

            NM  Outside of productions dependent upon it, collaborations are rarely as seamlessly successful as the Special…

    Featured Selection