Diane Vreuls

June 9, 2012 Vreuls Diane



Warms thieves.


For delay.


Feeds on balls, candy wrappers, leaves.

                                                                                             See:  Hoover Bush



For confusions.  Fists.  Bursts.  An argument at the knees.


Keeps bees.




Not to be confused with short trees.

Should be wider than tall.

Its many tongues and shallow roots

produce particularly high-pitched songs.




                                                            1.  Can you eat the berries?

                                                            2.  Why does it bud in winter?

                                                            3.   Is it truly jolly or is it jealous?





Increasing.  Once seen only in backrows

of  nurseries, now available in dollar stores.

In groceries, next to pineapple.  By mail.

Think of opening a used bush lot in Elyria.



Buy 1

Get 3 moles free.


As a memorial.

The Alice B. Gamboe Bush.
The Bush National Forest.


Hides weak legs, soil scars,
headstones.  But cranky.



For protection against small losses.

A bush at Gila Bend

caught my uncle in a duststorm.

A Fairview Avenue bush

caught my report card.


Stops babies rolling into the sea.

Plant a bush at each door and keep

your house at home.





Genesis of.


Religion of.

Burns when frightened.

Likes stutterers.


Loyalty of.

In 1956 a bush ambled from Moroni, Utah, to Still-

water Florida in pursuit of its owner who retired.

When interviewed in Missouri is reported to have said:

“People along the way have been wonderful, wonderful!”

It shames us.  Have we lost the habit of travelling with

bushes?  Your great grandmother took a rosebush west

in a wagon.  But you’ve never taken your lilac for even

a Sunday drive.


The Nancy Drew Bush.

Her finger to her mouth, the old, kidnapped  lady

in the wheelchair is whispering to the slim titian-haired

girl on the other side of the hedge.

See:  As a rendezvous for undisclosed persons.

See:  Bridal Bush in Wales.




Famous Bushes in History.


Plymouth Bush

Edgar Allan Bush

The Liberty Bush


The Bush in Opera.


In Literature.


There was a man and he wasn’t very wise

and he jumped into a bramble bush and

scratched out both his eyes.  In the next

verse he gets them back again.

But see:  Boscophobia



Beauty and the Bush.


Someone thought she’d never seen a poem

as lovely as a bush, but we don’t remember

her name.


False Tales.


They do not spread rumors and uprisings.

They do not trip trees.

They do not deceive migrations.

If you break a branch you will not turn

into a hunchback.


Such myths are unkind and have done

little to promote understanding

between the bush and others.


Here you go round the mulberry bush.

It’s hard to tell when you’re done.


Fifty Years Ago Today:  The Outbreak of the Bush War

Within three weeks a cessation of most hostilities.

Old campaigners can still be seen along sidewalks.

The Begging Bush:  A National Problem.

Interview With Oldest Living Bush

Q:  Are you tired?

                                                                          A:  Bushed.






Offers Asylum

To snow.

To deserters.

To small librarians.





Worries windows.




Even one is a conclusion.


Uproot it:  there’s

praise from the grass

blame from the wind.





I figure four times, you make it five
that we’ve been married.
The ceremonies shorten.  For the first
my father chopped a branch of apple tree
and made an indoor bower where we stood,
me in white, you in terror
before the Justice of the Peace we hired
from the phone book, and your uneasy kin.
The next rites went unwitnessed.
Faithless in small ways, if faithful in large,
we’d rupture quickly,  you’d mend fast,
I in a longer siege of silence.
We’d recommit with fewer  words.
Learning to forgive you
began my own atonement.
I thought we would survive,
but without love.
That we survived was love.

Diane Vreuls has published a novel, a collection of short stories, a children’s book and a book of poems, as well as work in The New Yorker, Commonweal, Shenandoah, and other magazines.