Issue #12 April 2012

  • She Leans

    A house: scoured and scarred by wind, its unpainted
  • Stone Arabia

    The horses bisect the field
  • Ode to Cabeza de Vaca

    What good is it to see for miles and miles,
  • The Park from Above

    What scared them? Scores of wild green parrots
  • Glimmer Train | Strike-Slip

    Redwinged blackbirds in the cattail pond—
  • Georges de la Tour! Georges de la Tour! | Metka | The Cross

    I see how you climb!
  • Tenderly

    I see how you climb!
  • The Sudden Walk

    When evening comes to find you still
  • Else

    At the first instance, to amuse others,
  • How Self-Consciousness Counts

    Why in hell should anyone understand
  • Which Makes Me, I Guess, the Muddy Colorado

    What we learn from most pornography is
  • Frog Dream in July for Lucio’s Brother

    I am a frog; I can

    Warms thieves.