Stephen Todd Booker

How Self-Consciousness Counts
June 9, 2012 Booker Stephen Todd

How Self-Consciousness Counts


Why in hell should anyone understand

Me now that I am fifty-eight old years?

They didn’t when I was a ripe young three,

Askin why if god’s so all-good he would

Let goldfish die, eyes never closin’ once,

And why you all always fightin, screamin,

Callin chother bad words, cryin? Why

Should anyone in hell understand why?

Used twice, I might seem to be emphatic

But ain’t shit, and no one spies me

Here conducting a death march. Through Hades,

I could probably go buttassed naked,

Not a soul noticing save one, somebody

Thinking, There’s a guy needing some lotion

On them ashy legs of his but oh he

Sure can skeedaddle, must be used to it.

Stephen Todd Booker, born in 1953is originally from Brooklyn, and has spent 38 years in prison, 34 on Death Row in Florida, where he started writing poetry. His work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide, most recently in the new renaissance, Mudlark, andWatershed. He’s the author of four collections: Waves and License (Greenfield Review Press); Tug (Wesleyan U. Press); & Swiftly, Deeper (Mandrake Poetry Press).  THE REHARKENING is his new book from Black Mountain Press, published this past spring (2014).