Lydia Davis

Two Stories and a Poem
November 2, 2013 Davis Lydia

Two Stories and a Poem


Lonely (Canned Ham)

“Do you have a canned ham?”

the thin little woman

asks timidly

in a shop

on the day before Thanksgiving.



Two Drunks

Drunk, she burned every part of their dinner.


Drunk, he did not care.



Poem of Greeting

Hello My Dear,

how are you

i hope fine

i am janet by name

a lady


i will like you to reply me

about my relationship

with you

i will tell you more about me
Greeting from,


Lydia Davis’s most recent collection of stories is Can’t and Won’t (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2014). Her translation of Proust’s Letters to His Neighbor was published in 2017 by New Directions, and a collection of essays is forthcoming in 2019.