Maureen N. McLane

Another Morning, Same Mountain
January 6, 2014 McLane Maureen N.

Another Morning, Same Mountain


Enshrouded mountain,

relieving the lake

of yr shadow,

in another century


you’d be the unseen

presence, analogue

of divinity.

Every tribe calls itself


the people.  Thou shalt

have no other gods

before me.  The rose

bush has gone mad


but not burning.

Masturbation’s loosed

from shame among a slice

of folk, the ones officially


modern.  The silent

immolation of libraries

will require fewer gunshots

than the death of the last


passenger pigeon.

I read the face

of the mountain

in books    I scan


a screen for its crevice.

The picturesque,

the beautiful, the sublime

reek of another time.


We were worried

about everything

including the obvious.

“The people of Papua


New Guinea will do

just fine.”  It’s the rest

of us here on the precipice.

You first.

Maureen N. McLane is the author of two collections of poetry, Same Life (FSG, 2008) and World Enough (FSG, 2010). Her newest book is My Poets, also from FSG.