Issue #31 January 2014

  • Leaving the Big City

    So afterward I sat by the bosphorus blue water and many dazzling
  • Husband-Watching Height

    That’s my fear, turning to stone.
  • Note to Thomas Stearns Eliot

    I just dared to eat
  • The Conscious Fruit Fly

    This means fruit fly the scholar.
  • August

    Water and wind do it too
  • Square of Beveled Glass

    Hag––first thought.
  • Picasso & Dora Maar (1942)

    Four decades I have lived among the French
  • Another Morning, Same Mountain

    Enshrouded mountain,
  • Until Recently I Had Believed In Something Like Lack | Until Only Last Week I Hadn’t Thought

    Until recently I had believed in something like lack
  • Muxica

    The border fence,
  • The Shell

    When I picked it up from the sand
  • Childhood

    A bead of moisture swelling from black metal,
  • Lisa Rose Bradford: Approaching Juan Gelman’s Today

    A Note From Lisa Rose Bradford: Sadly, Juan Gelman has left us, dying yesterday, January 14th, just one day after…

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