Jennifer Grotz

January 6, 2014 Grotz Jennifer



Water and wind do it too

but differently

it is another thing

to be eroded by light that’s

to be scintillated then scorched


the STOP sign in the desert stops

being cherry-colored to be

tomato then persimmon

August streaks it

yellow blurs its letters because


heat makes things dull in color but

sharp in sensation

thorns cactus needles

wild fire makes a track of black

stubble that crosses a highway if


the wind

takes it to the next field

but light is trackless it shrinks

the pupil sharp as a pin prick

it bleaches the world away

Jennifer Grotz’s most recent book is The Needle. The next, The Window Left Open, is forthcoming is forthcoming from Graywolf Press in 2016. .Her poems, translations, and reviews have appeared in many literary journals and magazines, and her work has been included in Best American Poetry.