Maureen N. McLane

Drink with Mountain, Remembered, Andalucían
May 12, 2013 McLane Maureen N.

Drink with Mountain, Remembered, Andalucían


The rosé from Spain

followed us west

as if hot on the scent

of tomato—


O brave New World

your fruits have gone incognito!

A rosé’s a rosé’s a rosé

with love apples.

You are moving west

beyond the Chinese coast

to the interior

of inner Mongolia.  A threatened

horse rides again


the steppes unburdening

themselves below revived hooves.

The time of the emperor

is nigh.  No inquisition

will be able to check

the future.  Your local

grapes are delicious


picked off the vine

or bottled, thus.

This is the interval

between eras of fathers,

dictators fallen, the marble

fists crushed and not crushing.


But the future, its empress,

who can say what beast

she’ll ride to meet us?

Raise a glass, comrades—

all you who refuse

to forget the civil war.

Maureen N. McLane is the author of two collections of poetry, Same Life (FSG, 2008) and World Enough (FSG, 2010). Her newest book is My Poets, also from FSG.