Issue #23 May 2013

  • Natural History of the Soul

    The song thrush hops, runs, stands,
  • Hatfield

    Such lovely matter, rain, abundant rain,
  • High Finance

    You looked up and saw across the field
  • Calendar

    Some people, after the day
  • Arête | Eurydice

    The Hemingway who wrote three stories in a crummy hotel
  • Vita Nova

    Born on the outskirts of the Romanian kingdom
  • The Pair

    Here’s how they climbed out of the nights’ custody.
  • Drink with Mountain, Remembered, Andalucían

    The rosé from Spain
  • Fragment

    The past is a point of departure
  • In the Waiting Room | City of Bridges

    Light poured
  • The House of Wittgenstein

    He never saw the malls of Petaluma, nor met the amazing cricketeer Montezuma. He never heard a laugh track. We’d
  • Exclusive Beautiful Grapheme War

    history means touch, bodies
  • Mark Irwin: Extracts from: Hyle: The fundamental question of poetry by Alain Borer

    By way of introduction to this month’s “Featured Selection,” first some thoughts from Mark Irwin, followed by the work itself,…

    Featured Selection