Sophie Cabot Black

High Finance
May 12, 2013 Black Sophie Cabot

High Finance


You looked up and saw across the field

One who you thought also wanted, staring back

With an idea of increase, until both


Were trading in this for that, each sign

Ready to be agreed upon as if

With enough we will have covered the entire


Meadow with all possible. The uncertain

Is taken into account as each of us

Prepares for more than is necessary


To be near what is almost ours

And to watch for defect; even damage can be useful.

To have it all known, your business,


Is to persuade the world. Only

When you see others see you, do you know.

Sophie Cabot Black has three poetry collections from Graywolf Press, The Misunderstanding of Nature, (Norma Farber First Book Award) and The Descent, (2005 Connecticut Book Award) and The Exchange (2013).