Sophie Cabot Black

Seeking Alpha
December 12, 2013 Black Sophie Cabot

Seeking Alpha


Praise for the one who can take us above

The merely saved. Without risk everything

Is fixed; the added, or taken away, must be


Explained and to stare at the screen

Of available numbers is already to depend

On how you hunt for more. When what you know


Does not match what you want it is fair

To find an enemy; to get by

No longer an option. Each move makes evident


What is not yet done. The exponential

Sets in. The torrent is the torrent

With you or without you.  All that happens


Turns into the reason. And to leave behind

Who got you inside is only the beginning.

Sophie Cabot Black, whose poems appear frequently in the New Yorker and The Atlantic, is author of three collections of poetry: The Misunderstanding of Nature, The Descent, and The Exchange, published  in May, 2013.