Issue #30 December 2013

  • Isle of the Narrator

    It's true these boots were taken from a dead man,
  • Seeking Alpha

    Praise for the one who can take us above
  • Slow Thinker

    Audiences love the slow
  • A Meeting

    Of all the disappointments
  • Cache

    Here lies a hectic site, la Cité
  • Three Poems from “Where Are the Trees Going”

    Inhabited uninhabited house subject to the air’s structure
  • Ant Story

    Each ant was given a different part of the message to carry.
  • The Water Returns

    The water returns. The pools teem with newborn fish.
  • Insomnia

    It is a stain that feeds on moons
  • The Poets

    They are farmers, really--
  • Mangos | Talking Animals | Bringing Things Back From the Woods

    We did not have mango trees back home on the prairies.  The climate and soil conditions were not conducive to that
  • Kneeling in a Pile of Leaves

    Kneeling in a pile of leaves
  • Rachel Zucker: The Pedestrians

      Introduction, by Rachel Zucker I am frequently asked, “What does your husband think about these poems?” When students ask…

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