Ana Minga

December 12, 2013 Ana Minga



It is a stain that feeds on moons

brings thoughts that leave you outside your body

you see them from afar

sometimes they spin around

they bump into each other


cut their veins

when they calm down

they sit there obstinate and annoyed

they clench their fists

to hit someone.


This stain spreads to the rooms

with their respective silences

then plants in us an earthquake

that passes from our hands to our eyes.

Arsenic fills the bed

brings out the candles

swells them for her descendents.


Never place minutes to soak

leave them as they are: stones

that thrown at the night outside

make cats howl.


She in her immortality

mocks the valerian pills

and bit by bit


she grows pregnant

threatens to bring forth beings who beneath their big hats

always have their rolling tobacco

that takes any spasm defeated by sleep

and makes it disappear.




Translator: Alexis Levitin’s thirty-two books in translation include Clarice Lispector’s Soulstorm and Eugenio de Andrade’s Forbidden Words (both from New Directions).His two most recent books are Eugenio de Andrade’s The Art of Patience (Red Dragonfly Press, 2013) and Ana Minga’s Tobacco Dogs (The Bitter Oleander Press, 2013).  He is also awaiting the bilingual publication of Eugenio de Andrade’s The Art of Patience (Red Dragonfly Press, in 2013.)  Also forthcoming are a collection of short stories, Exemplary Tales, by Sophia de Mello Bryenner, and Salgado Maranhao’s Tiger Fur.

Ana Minga is a journalist. She was born in 1983 in Loja, southern Ecuador. She won first prize from the Central University of Ecuador for her early collection Pandemonium. Her books since then are Behind God’s BackOrphaned Birds, and Tobacco Dogs. Her work has appeared in Asheville Poetry Review, Bitter Oleander, Boulevard, Confrontation, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review,  Lake Effect, Per Contra and Rosebud.