Poems translated by Alexis Levitin

Alexis Levitin has published forty-eight books in translation, mostly poetry from Portugal, Brazil, and Ecuador In addition to five books by Salgado Maranhão, his work includes Clarice Lispector’s Soulstorm and Eugénio de Andrade’s Forbidden Words, both from New Directions. He has served as a Fulbright Lecturer at the Universities of Oporto and Coimbra, Portugal, The Catholic University in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Brazil and has held translation residencies at the Banff Center, Canada, The European Translators Collegium in Straelen, Germany (twice), and the Rockefeller Foundation Study Center in Bellagio, Italy.

  • Work from Leonor Scliar-Cabral, Rosa Alice Branco and Luís Miguel Nava translated by Alexis Levitin

    With arms uplifted towards the sky they pray,
  • Salgado Maranhão’s “Mythic Ground” translated by Alexis Levitin

    For the living, this is the ground,
  • Consecration of the Wolves I and IV

    For now, I will await
  • The Poet in a Streetcar & The Sunflower of Rio de Onor

    Suddenly with another year fallen away
  • Some Propositions with Children | Changing the Subject

    The child is completely immersed in childhood
  • Poem of the Quotidian

    Night falls so swiftly in this part of town
  • Insomnia

    It is a stain that feeds on moons