Bianca Stone

Bianca Stone is a poet and visual artist. Her books include  Someone Else’s Wedding Vows (Tin House & Octopus Books 2014), The Mobius Strip Club of Grief (Tin House, 2018), and “A Little Called Pauline,” a children’s book of the Gertrude Stein poem (Penny Candy Books, 2020). Her poems have appeared in The New YorkerPoetry Magazine, and Georgia Review. Her newest poetry collection What is Otherwise Infinite, will be out in fall of 2021 from Tin House Books. She lives in Vermont. More at

  • Why I Make Poetry Comics by Bianca Stone

    I think some part of me that was always emotionally stunned beneath a tarp wanted to make poetry slide into art
    Issue #113 January 2021
  • Kneeling in a Pile of Leaves

    Kneeling in a pile of leaves
  • Salons

    Your friends are all sitting